Tex "spoon" type wiper blade
Spoon fitting (like a half hook) available from 8" to 11" Please advise car make & year to confirm correct blade Price is for one blade
Price: NZ $29.00
Spoon type wiper arm
Tex wiper arm to suit cars from late 40s to early 60s. Please advise make/model/year of car you want this for.
Price: NZ $29.00
Tex Flat wiper blade
9" flat blade with rubber locating plug. late 30s onwards cars
Price: NZ $18.00
Tex 5mm bayonet fitting blade
5mm blade to arm fitting. 9' length to 11". Please advise what car you want them for
Price: NZ $28.00
Bayonet fitting wiper arm
5mm blade to arm fitting. suits many cars from 50s to 70s.Please advise car for correct fitting.
Price: NZ $29.00
Tex 7mm Bayonet fitting blade
7mm blade to arm fit. Lengths from 10" to 15" Please advise car type for correct fitting. Price is from $25 to $35 depending on model/length
Price: FREE
Tex 8mm fitting blade
12" blade for Ford Zephyr 1956 to 1962 & Vauxhall Victor
Price: NZ $30.00
Tudor Washer Bottle & cage
Std Tudor washer bottle- 140mm x 70mm - with black mounting cage.
Price: NZ $45.00
12V Washer Pump
Universal 12 Volt washer pump - with built in mounting bracket
Price: NZ $30.00
One way valve
In line washer valve. Stops water returning to the reservoir.
Price: NZ $10.00
Washer filter
Fits at the bottom of the washer tubing in the bottle.
Price: NZ $10.00
"T" Piece washer pipe
T piece to join washer tubing when using two jets
Price: NZ $6.00
Washer jet
Twin outlet washer jet
Price: NZ $15.00

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