Alloy Rocker cover "B" Series
High quality rocker cover to suit all MGA and MGB cars.
fixing bolts and washer kit available separately.
Price: NZ $155.00
"A" series alloy rocker cover
Suits all BMC/Leyland cars. Mini, MG Midget, Austin A30/35/40, Morris Minor Formula Junior etc.
Price: NZ $88.00
Rocker cover knurled studs
Quality chrome knurled studs to hold rocker covers for "A" series motors
Price: NZ $30.00
Rocker cover retainers
"T" bar retainers to suit alloy rocker covers
Price: NZ $30.00
Rocker cover kit
Grommets-washers-spacers to suit "A" & "B" series rocker covers
Price: NZ $15.00
Chrome oil cap
Chrome cap suitable for alloy rocker cover and original tin rocker cover.
Price: NZ $25.00
MGB Park & flasher lens
Includes chrome rim - gasket - screws. Suits all Chrome bumper MGBs
Price: NZ $35.00
MGB Clear park/flasher lens
As above but has a clear flasher lens - comes with orange flasher bulb.
Price: NZ $35.00
Headlamp Guards
Stainless steel mesh headlamp guars to suit MGA/MGB/ MG Midget etc fitted with 7" headlamps
Price: NZ $45.00
P700 headlamps
Lucas type High performance headlamps - bulbs not included
Price: NZ $135.00
Headlamp Peaks
Suits all cars with 7" headlamps
Price: NZ $40.00
Headlamp gaskets
2- rubber gaskets to suit all MGs with 7" headlamps. Fits between the guard & lamp housing.
Price: NZ $20.00
Union Jack badges
Self adheasive enamelled U.J badges 50mm x 30mm
Price: NZ $33.00
Gearbox gaiter 4S
Gearbox gaiter for 4 synchro MGB
Price: NZ $30.00
Gearbox gaiter 3S
Rubber gaiter for all MGA/MGB with 3 synchro box
Price: NZ $30.00
Lucas Gold Sports Coil
The real deal - Lucas 12 Volt Gold coil.
Price: NZ $65.00
Lucas Distributor Cap
Cap to suit Lucas 25D distributor. Side entry also available
Price: NZ $25.00
Lucas DK4 dist. cap & rotor
Suits early model MG and Morris
Price: NZ $48.00
Lucas Repro 25D distributor
Points type distributor with verneer adjuster on vac advance
Price: NZ $155.00
Lucas Repro 23D distributor
High performance version without vac advance.Points type Suits modified Midgets/MGBs
Price: NZ $155.00
25D electronic distributor
As above distributor but with self contined electronic system Suits all BMC/MG motors. Must be neg earth & have coil that draws more than 1.5 Ohms
Price: NZ $230.00
23D Lucas type electronic dist
As above specs but is the High performance version with out vac advance
Price: NZ $230.00
Luca 45D distributor
Repro Lucas 45D points distributor. Suits all MGs. Updated version of the 25D distributor
Price: NZ $155.00
Lucas 45D Electronic
As above but with fully self contained electronic system. must be negative earth & coil draw of more than 1.5 Ohms
Price: NZ $230.00
RV8 Distributor
Brand new electronic distributor to suit MG and Rover/Leyland alloy V8.Uses 1.0 Ohm coil
Price: NZ $295.00
Electronic coil DLB198 equivalent
Electronic 1.0 Ohm 12V coil for above Rover V8 distributor.
Price: NZ $65.00
Electronic ignition conversion
Lucas 25D electronic conversion.Complete unit fits in the dist, needs to be neg earth and coil of 1.5 Ohms or more. NOW HAVE + earth available at $125 Also have 45D kits and Bosch and Ducellier as well
Price: NZ $110.00
Electronic ignition conversion
To suit MGB GT V8 Must be used with compatable coil of 1.5 Ohms or more.
Price: NZ $120.00
Trico/Tudor washer bottle
Original style washer bottle & S/S mounting cage to suit early MGB/Midget .
Price: NZ $45.00
Wiper Blades
Various blades to suit all models of MGs priced from $44 Please advise model/year Arms also available
Price: NZ $50.00
Non-Return valve
Stops washer fluid from returning to the washer bottle. Saves a lot of pumping! SOLD OUT
Price: NZ $10.00
Washer tubing T piece
Used when fitting two washer jets.
Price: NZ $5.00
Washer fluid filter
Filer fits at the bottom of the washer tubing in the washer bottle.
Price: NZ $10.00
Classic leather steering wheel
To suit all MG models 14" & 15" available. Please advise model/year.Price inludes boss kit.Alloy centre is $50 extra
Price: NZ $265.00
Immitation leather steering wheel
Same specs as leather wheel above but with H/D vinyl rim 14" & 15" available
Price: NZ $198.00
Woodrim Steering wheel
To suit all MGs price includes boss kit.Alloy centre is additional. 14 ' & 15" sizes
Price: NZ $365.00
alloy boss centre as shown:
Glass Body Fuel Fillter
Top quality cleanable 5/16" fuel filter, with S/S clamps. New filter inserts available
Price: NZ $28.00
MGB3 W/Pump
Suits 3 bearing motors up to 1964
Price: NZ $120.00
Head gasket set MGB
Full head set for all MGB 1800cc "B" series motors
Price: NZ $58.00
Head gasket set 1275cc
Head set with copper head gasket to suit all 1275 Midgets/Sprites
Price: NZ $58.00
MGA Head gasket set
Suits 1500cc & 1622cc "B" series motors.
Price: NZ $58.00
FIAM 12V horn set
Great twin horn set 12V diaphragm type, compact & grunty!
Price: NZ $50.00
Chrome classic horn
Great product easy to fit classic look.Price is for one
Price: NZ $28.00
Plastic no.pl. lamp
Copy of the Lucas number palte lamp in chromed plastic. Aso available in black.
Price: NZ $25.00
Halogen Reverse lamp
High quality chrome rev. light with 21W halogen bulb
Price: NZ $60.00
Bonnet release cable
Suitable for all MGBs
Price: NZ $25.00
Handbrake Cable MGB
Cable to suit MGB- need to know diff type & steel or wire wheels.
Price: NZ $35.00
SPB 357 Warning lamps 12V
Available in 4 colours. Price is for one- please advise colour required
Price: NZ $6.00
Black Wing mirror
To suit the last of the MGBs Available in R/H & L/H. Price is each.
Price: NZ $70.00
MG Leather gear knob
Suits all MGs. Quality black leather.
Price: NZ $29.00
MG Wooden gear knob
Suits all MGs polished wood -
Price: NZ $29.00
Map Pocket
29cm x 18cm easy to fit on bulkhead or in the boot.
Price: NZ $27.00
VH44 Brake Booster
As standard fitment to later model MGBs
Price: NZ $350.00
17ACR Alternator
Brand new Lucas repro unit - 45 Amp output
Price: NZ $160.00
MGA, MGB alloy rocker cover, black
High quality rocker cover to suit all MGA and MGB cars includes
Price: NZ $155.00
MGB grille 62-69
New Moss MGB grille, great quality product
Price: NZ $395.00
MGB grille 72-74
New Moss MGB grille, great quality product
Price: NZ $395.00
Sill repair 3 piece MGB
New Sill repair/replacement for MGB 3 piece set have left or right hand
Price: NZ $510.00
MGB bulkhead vent
New MGB chrome bulkhead vent with mesh and fitting plugs.
Price: NZ $50.00
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