Lucas style 25D Electronic Distributor plus Coil
Points type Lucas repro electronic distributor with matching coil. Brand new top quality
Price: NZ $280.00
Lucas style 23D Electronic Non Vacuum Distributor and coil
23D4 Non Vacuum electronic distributor with matching coil. As fitted to Mini Cooper - Lotus Cortina etc
Price: NZ $280.00
25D electronic Distributor
Lucas type dist, with full electronic self contained set up.Neg earth or Postive to be used with coil drawing more than 1.5 Ohms
Price: NZ $220.00
Lucas 59D Electronic distributor
New electronic distributor to suit all Austin/Rover A Series Plus motors. Same specs as above.
Price: NZ $220.00
Lucas type 45D4 distributor BMC drive plus coil
45D4 electronic distributor and matching coil, has BMC type drive cog. suit HIllman, MGB, Austin, Triumph
Price: NZ $280.00
Electronic 45D distributor
Lucas type 45D distributor with self contained electronic components. Neg earth only, coil must draw more than 1.5 ohms
Price: NZ $220.00
Ford Bosch type electronic distributor and coil
Bosch repro Electronic distributor and matching coil, as fitted to O.H.C Ford Cortina/Escort/Pinto cars.1600 and 2000cc
Price: NZ $280.00
Ford/Bosch type electronic dist
Suits Ford O.H.C powered cars and vans.E.G. Cortina - Transit - Escort - Sierra - Capri
Price: NZ $230.00
Ford Essex Bosch V6 electronic distributor and coil
performance electronic distributor and coil for Ford Essex V6, Capri, Transit, Zephyr
Price: NZ $290.00
Ford/Lucas 45D4 electronic distributor and coil
Self contained electronic distributor and coil for Ford O.H.V motors E.G. Anglia - Cortina - Escort - Lotus 7 etc. Neg earth. crossflow and pre crossflow engines
Price: NZ $280.00
Rover/Leyland V8 Distributor
Lucas reproduction electronic distributor to suit Rover/Leyland V8. later engine with wobly drive, Completely self contained unit.
Genuine Lucas external Module.
Price: NZ $305.00
Electronic Ign coil DLB198 for 35D8 distributor
1 ohm 12Volt to suit above V8 distributor
Price: NZ $65.00
Lucas 22/25D6 repro distributor and coil
Lucas reproduction electronic distributor and coil to suit Austin Healey, Triumph, Jaguar
Price: NZ $280.00
22/25D6 Electronic dist
Self contained electronic unit. Suits Jaguar - Triumph etc Neg earth coil of 1.5 Ohms + needed
Price: NZ $220.00
Lucas Gold Sports Coil
The real deal! Gold Sports coil 12V suits most of the electronic distributors listed above.
Price: NZ $65.00
6 - 9 V Ballast coil
1.7 Ohm 40,000 volt output. Suits ballast systems or 6v systems.
Price: NZ $55.00
Hi Beam timing lamp
Great quality timing light at a bargain price
Price: NZ $50.00
Plug Tester
Just fit this between the H.T/ lead and the spark plug to check ignition operation. Price is for one
Price: NZ $7.50
Ballast resistor Ignition coil
Ballast resistor and ignition coil to suit car with ballast ignition system, including most early V8's, total 3.0 ohms
Price: NZ $70.00
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