Head lamp peaks
Stainless steel peaks easy to fit very cool.
Price: NZ $45.00
Headlamp Mesh guards
Fits all minis with 7" headlamps.
Price: NZ $45.00
Headlamp gasket 7"
2 - Gaskets to suit all Minis - fit between the headlamp body & mudguard
Price: NZ $20.00
P700 head lamps
After-market Lucas P700 headlamps. Just like the real thing. Bulbs not included. Price is for a pair.
Price: NZ $135.00
5" Spot lamps
Great size for the Mini - 55w Q.H. bulbs incl.
Price: NZ $108.00
Lucas style Beehive lamps
Repro Lucas Stop/tail Flasher Park lamps. polycarbonate lenses Glass lenses also available Price is for one lamp
Price: NZ $20.00
Front lamp lenses
Late model Mini front lenses. priced per pair
Price: NZ $10.00
Mini passing mirror
Specially made for the MIni, mounts on the rain gutter. R/H only.
Price: NZ $50.00
Alloy Rocker Cover
Fits all Minis, comes with gasket.
Price: NZ $88.00
Chrome oil cap
Chrome cap to suit all "A" series motors with alloy or steel R/cover
Price: NZ $25.00
Knurled retainers
Knurled chrome studs to fit to alloy rocker cover
Price: NZ $15.00
Rocker cover retainers
"T" bar quick release rocker cover retainers. Also have washers/spacers/grommets
Price: NZ $25.00
Rocker Cover kit
Washers - spacers - washers to suit "A" series motors
Price: NZ $15.00
MINI 1275 Head Set
De-carb set with copper head gasket
Price: NZ $50.00
5/16" Fuel Filter
Top quality cleanable fuel filter with stainless clamps.
Price: NZ $28.00
Tudor Washer Bottle
Original type washer bottle for all early Minis. This is the round type - with S/S mounting cage- some have a flat back style as below
Price: NZ $45.00
Screen washer jet
Double washer jet suits all Minis
Price: NZ $15.00
Non-return valve
This valve stops washer fuid from returning to the washer bottle. Saves a lot of pumping!
Price: NZ $10.00
Mini Chrome bezel covers
Pair of chrome covers-washers-nuts to suit all classic Minis
Price: NZ $20.00
Mini Wiper plug blanks
Chrome blanks for Mini wiper arm holes. Replaces the rubber type. Priced as a pair.
Price: NZ $20.00
Union Jack badges
Self adheasive enamelled badges 50mm x 30mm. Priced per pair.
Price: NZ $27.00
Mini locking fuel cap
High quality stainless steel locking cap with 2 keys -
Price: NZ $35.00
Woodrim Steering wheel
Suits all Minis - 14" or 15" complete with boss kit
Price: NZ $345.00
Dark woodrim steering wheel
As above but in dark finish. Available in 13" - 14' - 15"
Price: NZ $345.00
Leather Steeing Wheel
Suits all Minis. 14" & 15" Price includes boss kit
Price: NZ $245.00
Vinyl Rim steering wheel
Suits all Minis. 14" &15" includes boss kit
Price: NZ $195.00
Alloy Billet centre
Upgrade of the boss kit centre horn push
Price: NZ $50.00
Mini steering column bracket
This bracket drops the steering column down for a better driving position
Price: NZ $15.00
Electronic Ignition conversion
Suits all Lucas 25D or 45D distributors. Neg earth only, coil must draw more than 1.5 Ohms
Price: NZ $90.00
Lucas type 25D distributor
New repro distributor, original style with points & condensor
Price: NZ $155.00
23D Electronic distributor
As above but with electronic system. Neg earth only - coil must draw 1.5 Ohms or more
Price: NZ $225.00
25D Electronic distributor
New repro Lucas dist with self contained electronic set up. Neg earth only coil must draw 1.5 Ohms or more
Price: NZ $225.00
45D Electronic Distributor
As above but with electronic system instead of points.
Price: NZ $230.00
59D electronic Ditributor
Self contained electronic suits late model "A Series Plus" motor
Price: NZ $230.00
25D distributor cap
Replacement cap for Lucas 25D distributor, top or side entry.
Price: NZ $25.00
Lucas Gold Sports Coil
The real deal - Gold high performance coil
Price: NZ $65.00
Mini Special bullet mirror
Designed specifically for the Mini. Needs the chrome adaptor ($20) to allow for full adjustment. Price is for the mirror only
Price: NZ $85.00
MDM01 R/H Mirror
Brilliant mirror to suit Classic Mini 100mm dia head
Price: NZ $75.00
MDM02 L/H Mirror
As above but for the left hand side
Price: NZ $75.00
Mini seat adjuster
pair of chrome bolt on seat adjusters to suit the Mini
Price: NZ $20.00
Mini Gear knob
Gearshift pattern alloy gearknob to suit all Minis. Also available without pattern.
Price: NZ $25.00
Handbrake Cover
Billett alloy slip on cover to suit Mini handbrake. 95mm long 30mm O/D.
Price: NZ $20.00
Alloy Door Pulls
High quality alloy door pulls 175mm long 26mm wide
Price: NZ $30.00
Classic 12V Horn
100mm dia horn suits all Minis Price per each
Price: NZ $28.00
FIAM 12V horn set
Brilliant compact horn set VERY LOUD and easy to fit. 1 is hi note - 1 is low note
Price: NZ $50.00
Lucas style no. plate lamp
Chromed plastic repro number plate lamp. Light & strong. 12V Also available in black.
Price: NZ $25.00
C40 generator with an alternator inside! 45amp brilliant idea
Price: NZ $345.00
17ACR alternator
Brand new Lucas repro alternator 45Amp
Price: NZ $160.00
Chrome Boot hinges
High quality chrome boot hinges for all Classic Minis
Price: NZ $45.00
Rubber Bonnet hooks
large are 120mm - or leather straps. price per pr
Price: NZ $20.00
SPB357 Warning lamps 12V
Classic Lucas style warning lamps. Price is for one - please advise colour required
Price: NZ $6.00
Fresh Air Vent Surrounds
Chrome on metal surrounds for the interior air vents. Price is for a pair. SOLD OUT
Price: NZ $25.00
Map Pocket
29cm x 18cm easy to fit to door panel or in the boot -Also available in 29 x 18cm size
Price: NZ $27.00
Wheel Spacer set
1 pair - 3/8" (10mm) thick wheel spacer and matching longer studs
Price: NZ $65.00
19mm Wheel Spacers
As above but 19mm (3/4") spacing.
Price: NZ $65.00
Mini door Hinge
Mini door hinge, top and bottom set for one door, have left or right side. excellent quality reproduction product.
Price: NZ $60.00
A series alloy rocker cover, Red or blue
coloured alloy rocker cover, professionally coated with high temp colour finish. chose red or blue
Price: NZ $135.00
Starter Soleniod
12V Neg earth starter solenoid, suit Mini, MG, ford, Austin, Morris.
Price: NZ $25.00
7" Wipac headlamps
complete set of two Wipac headlamps with park light, comes with halogen bulbs to suit three pin plug. RHD
Price: NZ $155.00

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