NEW ITEM ! Below is the Dynamator, a 12V 45amp alternator in a Lucas C39/C40 generator. Is a straight replacement for the generator. A simple change of wires (instructions included) and no more lacklustre charging systems.
Dynamator 1N
Brilliant product. A 45 amp alternator that looks like a Lucas C39/C40 generator. Neg earth
Price: NZ $355.00
Dynamator 2 N
As above but has a cable drive attachment on the end bracket for tachometer use. Neg earth
Price: NZ $355.00
Dynamator 3P
As above but POSITIVE earth. suits both tacho drive and non-tacho drive applcations.
Price: NZ $355.00
Dynamator 4
As above but the larger size - replacement for Lucas C42/45 As found on Jaguar - Daimler - Rolls Royce - etc Neg earth only
Price: NZ $365.00
Lucas 17ACR Alternator
Repro Lucas type alternator - 45 amp output. R/H or L/H mounting - Brand new unit.
Price: NZ $160.00
Headlamp gaskets 7"
Fits between headlamp housing and body of car. Priced as a pair
Price: NZ $20.00
Chrome reverse lamp
lucas style reverse lamp. has 21W 12V Q.H. bulb. Can be used as driving/riding lamp.
Price: NZ $65.00
Vintage style chrome horn 6v
6V horn 4" dia. Price is for one
Price: NZ $35.00
FIAM 12V horn set
Amazing compact yet very powerful horn set, one x High and one x low tone horn plus relay and connections.
Price: NZ $50.00
Mini/Land Rover lenses
Late model Mini and Land Rover park/flasher lenses. Price is for a pair
Price: NZ $10.00
Lucas L594 lamps
Repro lamps with palstic lenses price is for one. Available in clear - amber - red
Price: NZ $20.00
Plastic no. plate lamp
Lightweight version of the Lucas number plate lamp. One bulb 12 Volt
Price: NZ $25.00
Low pressure fuel pump
S.U. replacement fuel pump - suits all carb engines. 5 to 6 PSI
Price: NZ $50.00
Lucas Type sports coil
Hi power 40,000v R type coil - 12V 3 Ohm
Price: NZ $55.00
Lucas Gold Coil
The real deal - high power great value
Price: NZ $65.00
P700 headlamps
7" High performance headlamps. Bulbs not included -price is for a pair
Price: NZ $135.00
5" Classic Chrome spot lights
Great product with 55w Q.H bulbs. Look good - & wont break the bank.
Price: NZ $108.00
Lucas 18ACR Alternator.
45 amp charging in left or right hand fitting. CHROME plated finish
Price: NZ $180.00
Classic 12V horn
full chrome finish, great sound and looks for your classic car or bike.
Price: NZ $28.00
7" Wipac Headlamp set
complete set of two Wipac Headlamps including park light and halogen bulbs. RHD
Price: NZ $155.00
7" crystal Halogen headlamp
one Crystal Halogen headlamp, has clear lens and contoured reflector to provide unique bright look on you classic or custom car. RHD
Price: NZ $65.00
Starter Solenoid 12v
Lucas type starter solenoid for 12v non ballast system
Price: NZ $35.00
Starter Solenoid 12v ballast
Lucas type starter solenoid for 12v ballast system ignition
Price: NZ $35.00
o/d solenoid
overdrive solenoid suitable for gear lever mount, MGB, Jaguar
Price: NZ $125.00
Lucas type RB340 Regulator
Lucas type regulator 12v neg earth
Price: NZ $115.00


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